A glass apart!

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And no – that’s not a typo!

Glassmorphism began as a hugely popular UI design trend in 2021.

By 2022 it was embraced by those in the business of designing presentation decks.

Before we explain why, let’s have a look at what it is:

Glassmorphism is a term used to describe UI design that emphasises light or dark objects, placed on top of colourful backgrounds. A background-blur is placed on the objects which allows the background to shine through – giving it the impression of frosted glass.

– anchordigital.com

The next question that arises is: how can it help in pitching decks better?

On the design front, glassmorphism enables:

  • Differentiation – from standard flat colour, solid block approaches
  • Dimension – thanks to the layering possibilities
  • Dynamism – without having to animate

From the point of view of company values, glassmorphism can convey subliminal message such as:

  • Transparency – of intent and content
  • Clarity – of action plans and proposals
  • Modernity – of approaches and mindsets

In short, Glassmorphism is best suited when you want your presentation to convey your vision – and your mission! – in a manner that is subtle, vivid, smooth, and stylish.

And finally: how can this aesthetic be best adapted for PowerPoint presentations?

By seeking professional design help!

Glassmorphism is a perfect example of the light touch being the right touch – and is thus best executed by those with enough experience in finding just the right balance, as overdoing it will simply undermine the desired outcome!