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SlideXpress specializes in high-quality presentation design services. Branded for you, our slides tell your story in a memorable and persuasive way. Visually stunning, clear and concise, we follow best practices from consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co. From new client pitches to training decks to conference keynotes, we help you engage your audience with an impressive, professionally-designed presentation.
Our Services

1. Presentation Formatting

(aka McKinsey VA service)

This is the simplest makeover we offer and works well when your content is 100% fixed i.e. your texts, diagrams, models and graphs are already all in place and they look – well, let’s face it – “average”. We will format your existing slides to make them look super-professional and turn them from mediocre to mind-blowing.

2. Presentation Design

This is the most popular treatment. We will recreate the elements, diagrams, and graphs. The starting point is usually slides that are either just text and sketches or drafts. You could say this is a complete renovation where we replace old furnishings with new ones and rearrange them to make them look better.

3. Concept Based Storytelling

Apart from being great designers we are also compelling story-tellers. Let us help you create the storyline and flow of your presentation. This means beginning from ground zero – crafting the key messages and the core content of your communication.

4. Video Animation

Today more and more communication relies on motion design as opposed to static design. We can create stand-alone animations, or animations that support your overall presentation. The point is to get your message across in a manner that totally grips the audience.

5. Infographic Design

Infographics help to convey complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-grasp format. We build high-quality graphics that are impactful, easier to understand and much more effective than words or pictures. All you have to do is give us the brief and our artists will create the right infographics for visually-appealing and focussed communication.

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I have worked with SlideXpress on multiple occasions and have found their work to be
impeccable with fast turnaround time. They are my go to partner for powerpoint design.

– Rehan Khan, MD, Abbott India

The team at Mindseye is very creative, enthusiastic and responsive. They helped us with the Spacewhiz video which was unique and vibrant and much appreciated by the clients. They also provided an end to end solution on the standees and flyers where the team handled the creatives, printing, finishing and final delivery of the product. With regards to timelines, there was no delay and no follow up required. I would highly recommend Mindseye too all looking to be different.

– Naomi Thakkar, Founder, Spacewhiz

The best presentation design company, period! Cost effective and fast turnaround times.

– Elizabeth Blickman, Founder, CardioVIP

Slidexpress does all our corporate and customer presentation designs. Their designs are unique and create impact in meetings. Service is flawless everytime!

– Alicia Evolga, Marketing Manager, Cipla USA

We have been working with Slidexpress for the last 3.5 years. They have been our design agency for our digital and offline initiatives. Slidexpress designs have been unique, visually appealing and very modern. Their choice of colour and representations of scientific information in attractive infographics attracts people to read our newsletters and visit the website.

– Jigna Merchant, Medical Marketing Manager, Danone Nutricia

– Jigna Merchant, Medical Marketing Manager,
Danone Nutricia


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