Project Management: the best software

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In line with this week’s focus on things connected with the management of assets like presentations rather than their creation (which our entire blog is devoted to!) – this post looks at ‘project management’.

What does the term mean?

Simply, an efficient way of managing tasks and teams better.

Project management has always been intrinsic to corporate functioning, but the pandemic brought with it new challenges, which were ably met by the new software that pluggd into the new normal.

With most offices back in office, some of the software still offers invaluable help.

What tools and resources enable better project management?

While experts on TechRadar have the full details, our picks include Trello, Asana and Zoho.

For the full details on how you can manage and improve productivity by managing projects better, why not visit the whizzes?

And for those who are interesting in knowledge management – this one’s for you.