Tips to use humour effectively in a PPT

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

– A great way to cover feelings of nervousness is to use humour. Letting your audience know you are nervous may not necessarily create a bad impression, it could endear you to them.

– Humorous anecdotes and sharing personal experiences could help support your objective and create a memorable experience for your audience.

Do not share unrelated jokes or stories as they are distracting and waste time. They also do nothing to support your presentation.

Do not use humour in inappropriate situations. For example, making jokes about the loss in a company’s market share will only reflect badly on you.

Don’t overthink jokes beforehand as it feels forced. Spontaneous humour comes more naturally and feels more genuine.

– Use humour when you feel at ease. The audience may not laugh if they see you bothered and on edge.

Never use humour to criticize or disrespect anyone. Sarcastic and mean comments will only create animosity among your audience.

– Do not falter if the audience does not react the way you hoped they would, brush it off and continue presenting your PowerPoint.

– If the audience continues to not understand your humour, remember- you can always opt out and continue your presentation without humour.