Managing knowledge – the key to better communication

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Just as people-knowledge makes better presenters – especially in external communication – knowledge management (KM) is increasingly being acknowledged as a key for better internal communication.

As we all know, PPT slides are a tried and tested medium for collating, narrating, demonstrating and calling to action in an organised and comprehensible way (especially when designed by professionals).

In one sense, what is a PowerPoint presentation but a knowledge management system that enables access to often complex data and information in a transparent, lucid and convincing format?

Today, as more and more corporates see the value of establishing dynamic and simple Knowledge Managements Systems (KMS), we though we’d share some success stories.

After all, as leaders know only too well, “you not only lead by example, you learn by example!”

Or, to get to the heart of what KMS is – share and share alike.

Happy resourcing and reposting.