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Way back in January, we listed our picks of favorite design trends for 2021.

As we head towards the wrap of this year, we thought we’d take a look at how some of those translated into concepts that are here to stay.

The ones that we’ve been able to actualize and the ones we believe will continue to be of long-term value, as we head towards 2022.

In short, the top 3 keywords that sum-up what we consider timeless trends are:


This may have begun as a powerful selling strategy – i.e. to win attention and loyalty through narratives that appeal to the heart as much as to the head, but we believe this has always been the core of powerful storytelling. The best presentations tell stories that connect. In the post-pandemic scenario, this hometruth gained a deeper, wider validity. This one we feel is for keeps.


Be it in terms of content or form, this was a big one for 2021. For us, this has been our lodestone, always. To keep it simple is a basic principle, a sound and stable way of cutting through clutter, be it through a single well-chosen image or a series of cumulative statements. To avoid embellishments, over-statements and over-crowding – that’s our way forward into 2022.


Not just as a design concept around color coordination – vital no doubt! – but as a mindset. For teams working virtually on Teams, the match between lower-case human and upper-case tech is a matter of harmonizing at so many levels. Be it using screen-share for sharing layouts, jumping onto calls to brainstorm ideas, or finetuning the final product across time-zones – that’s the harmony that will continue to constitute the ‘behind the scenes’ of a brilliant and balanced presentation.