People-knowledge – the key to better presentations

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Did you know that people absorb more in 20-minute chunks than in one uninterrupted session of 60 minutes?

Or that if you have too many visual distractions – e.g. videos/graphics – then multi-channel engagement does not deliver 100%?

If you didn’t know – or simply didn’t pay too much attention to these points – this clip is a must watch, as Dr Susan Weinschenk presents the TOP 5 Things Good Presenters Need to Know about PEOPLE in order to give a better presentation

“Slides with too much text on them are NOTES” – she says!

And a whole lot more to help you realize that presentations are made to people – something we tend to forget at times…

Because no matter how fantastic your content may be, if it’s not presented with “people knowledge” no amount of “product knowledge” will get you to your desired objective.