Music for motion graphics – or how to make sound choices

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In our last post, we defined and demonstrated what motion graphics are.

In today’s post, we’re picking up where we left off. With music.

Or rather, with how to make sound choices when picking audio clips from the vast repository of free sounds available online.

Here’s a rough guide for a smooth track:

One: Identify the mood of the motion graphic that you have already created. Is it peppy (as in morning workout) or dramatic (as in grand theme song)?

Two: Identify the audience to whom the motion graphic is directed. Is it a potential investor? Is it in-house, employees only? Is it a customer?

Three: Identify the purpose of the motion graphic. Is it to impress or educate? Entertain or motivate?

Four: Identify the other audio elements that you want to add. Is there going to a Voice Over as well as a music track? Would you like sound effects added in (applause, cheering, birdsong, phone trrrings)?

Once you have your notes down on all the above, you’re ready for

Stage Five: Identify the sources of free sounds. Having been there, done that, we know how bewildering it may be to find the perfect match, even with your notes to help you finetune your search.

So here are our Top 3 – simply because their interface is easy, and their collection wide:

  1. – Where each clip is labelled and described with clarity: so if you choose your keywords well, you will soon have plenty to choose from, and quickly! Eg: Type “peppy” and you already have a whole host of choices coming up on screen.
  2. – Which we like especially when looking for longer tracks – ideal for video explainers, curtain-raisers, teasers that use motion graphics. Here the organizing principle is by Categories: e.g. Technology, Office, Sport, with each leading you to particular effects within the category. Very comprehensive!
  3. – Of course! While most people go to Shutterstock for images, they have a wealth of evocatively titled music tracks – like ‘Ice-cream Monday’ which seems apt for right now! – sub-divided by Genre, Mood, Length, Instrument and so on!

So that’s it for now. Happy browsing, selecting, and adding music to make your motion graphics go that extra mile!