knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied

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As the lines between work and play get blurred, so do the lines between roles as individuals have to toggle between team leader, presenter, content-creator, editor, and – who would have thought – technician. It’s truly a brave new world!

In these DIY days, sometimes what appears like basic knowledge to the tech-savvy can seem a bit tougher to grasp for those who are just getting the hang of digital platforms.

This is when simple guidelines to using the new technologies at our disposal can be a huge help in negotiating complex demands.

In last week’s post we shared some handy hints on how to optimize screensharing.

As a neat and nifty follow-up, here’s a page put together by Indiana University, that lists how best we can leverage the Zoom screen experience, with examples of screen layout options and a helpful click to detailed instructions on how to make a recording.

The way we look at it, we can each make the most of this fluid and dynamic time by learning to enjoy every challenge and – most importantly – enjoy learning how to meet it!