Key tips to deliver an outstanding presentation

Reading Time: 3 minutes

To deliver an unforgettable and remarkable presentation, there are 3 skills that need to be acquired. You need to get CONFIDENCE, CONVICTION and ENTHUSIASM. These qualities will help your audience to engage with you during your presentation.


The best way to gain confidence is by knowing your presentation and your audience inside-out. It doesn’t matter if you are shy or have stage fright; knowing your material like the back of your hand brings a sense of security and guarantee knowing you can answer any doubt which is thrown at you.

Your confidence in your material will help you to be able to combat any situation that puts you on the spot. You will know which questions to expect, and know how to support your objective with facts when an audience member asks a question which may divert from your topic.

Confidence will also come from practicing beforehand. This will help you become more in tune with your material and more comfortable with yourself. By practicing a few times prior, you will not need to worry about awkward gestures or posture during your presentation.

You have to take pride and be confident in your presentation. Your completed presentation should bring about a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. If you are confident in your PowerPoint, your audience will be too


In addition to having supporting information for your objective, make sure you believe in your purpose. Do not express ideas that you yourself do not believe to your audience.

This is important because if you are questioned and put on the spot you will not be able to respond with a convincing argument.

If you cannot believe in your objective it will be apparent that your audience will not be persuaded. Moreover your character may appear untrustworthy or dishonest for delivering this nature of data.

If you are to give a presentation whose objective you do not believe in refrain from doing it. If your manager forces you to continue with it, explain to them that the audience will pick up on it and their aversion to the objective will increase. Additionally, your boss too may become upset with your performance. Instead ask them to find another co-worker who does believe in the objective.


Real enthusiasm is created from within, when you believe you have something interesting and important to share. A fake sense of liveliness can immediately be detected by your audience and they will be immediately put off.

Energy and enthusiasm is important during presentations as an uninterested and jaded audience will not likely support your objective

An interest is generated in the audience when you show enthusiasm for your objective. They begin to think ‘there must be something about this topic that has the speaker so excited.’

Enthusiasm compels your audience to listen to you intently because it gives the impression that your message is significant and creates a memorable impression.

Sometimes, speakers fear giving an over-the-top, loud presentation may be distasteful but in doing so, they underwhelm their audience.