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There is no getting away from the fact that online meetings are here to stay – and how! While we have spoken before about how best to maximize screen presence and presentation, for today’s post we turn to other experts for inspiration and guidance – because hey, even those who are in the business of presentations can sometimes feel their energies flagging!

We can overcome those moments, by remembering the 3Ps of Presenting (online):

Posture: How many hours have we spent hunched over screens only to realise at the end of the day that our nerves are as tense as our muscles? That’s often because we have somehow decided that Zoom presentations can only be made sitting down. Nope, says Caroline Goyder. Stand up! (Confession: this blogger stood up at this point to see if it makes any difference – and you know what – it does! The angle of vision changes and with it your angle of perception!) Standing up to speak opens up your voice and eases your mind simultaneously You feel freer, you feel taller, the screen doesn’t own you – you own the screen! And with that re-orientation of self to device – you find your mind expanding and your thoughts flowing better. For this to work in the long run, it’s advisable to invest in a laptop stand – or even a standing desk – but do a couple of dry runs by standing up and angling your screen to make your talking stance work well!

Preparation: And no, we’re not talking about preparing the slides! (That’s a given. At least we hope so! For tips on on the pre– of presentations, read an earlier post – HERE) We’re talking about prepping your own body and mind…. Just as no successful athlete would ever go on the field without warming up exercises, you, the presenter, need to loosen up! Stretch, do those breathing exercises you learned on YouTube during early days of the pandemic and lockdown, walk about the room (that is if you haven’t already had your morning jog or stroll), grab a lungful of fresh air from the nearest balcony or window (before you grab that cup of coffee) and feel the energy flow from tip to toe. We tend to forget how lethargic sitting down for long hours makes us feel… Remind yourself not to! In fact, Goyder even suggests you sing! A great way to open up and get set and go all out.

Pep-talk: If it’s a group presentation – always a good idea to meet at least 15 minutes before the main event. Give yourselves some time to relax, shoot the breeze, swap jokes, and yes – ensure that you’re all feeling connected. Theatre people do this all the time – a kind of group-huddle in the wings – to give each other the encouragement and to get in the zone, as a team. For more this team-building via remote channels, look out for our next post!