Your essentials for a great PowerPoint

Reading Time: 2 minutes

5 essentials to keep in mind while creating visuals

1. Simplify and do not complicate your designs. Remove unnecessary footnotes and chart sources.

2. Ensure your information presented on screen or in your presentation is legible to the people sitting furthest away from you.

3. Do not use colour for decorative purposes as it can distract the reader from your informative content. Use colour to draw attention to specific points.

4. Do not over do the special effects and animations as they can take away from the content. Instead let the information speak for itself.

5. Insert images, videos and graphics keeping in mind the time as sometimes videos can be time consuming and you have to finish presenting on time.

5 essentials to keep in mind while presenting your PowerPoint

1. Familiarise yourself with your presentation and practice multiple times beforehand. This way you will be prepared for questions and will be able to answer them calmly.

2. Arrive before your audience and take your time to set up. Make sure you do a screen test, sound check and video check if needed and acquaint yourself with the technician in case anything goes wrong during your presentation and you require help.

3. Bring backup information or visuals in case any material is misplaced or lost.

4. During long explanations keep the screen blank behind you so that your audience is not distracted by text or images that could cause their mind to divert from the main topic.

5. Build a rapport with your audience by maintaining eye contact. This will also help you feel calmer as you will feel more at ease speaking to an individual than an unknown crowd.