Word to PowerPoint? Here’s how!

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Has it ever happened that you’ve spent hours putting down your flow of thought in a Word document, only to realise that it would be much easier to present if you had had done it in PPT to begin with?

If it has – it might be reassuring to learn that not only are you not the only one – there are 3 helpful hacks to get over this hurdle!

The first is simply to export the Word to PowerPoint

Be aware that this works:

a) for largely TEXT based documents

b) only when you open Word on the web

Handy Hint: headlines will become slide titles so be sure to look through the headers before you export!

The second is to insert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation

You can do this in two ways:

a) If it’s just one or two pages of text you can insert the Word doc into your chosen slide as an “object”

b) If it’s a longer document, you might like to insert as an icon – so that the file opens in Word rather than PPT

Handy Hint: ensure that Link and Display as icon boxes are unchecked if you’re choosing to insert the text as is

The third is to use your Word doc as an outline for your PPT

Two things to keep in mind:

a) Under Styles, select Headings 1 for all the text that you want to convert into your slide titles

b) Select Headings 2 for the matter that you want to convert into your slide text

Handy Hint: Be warned that this required more formatting than you might have bargained for!