Why you need to incorporate big text in your presentation

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

No one complains when your presentation lettering information is too big but they will, and should if it is too small.

Legibility is a big part of presentations. As the speaker, you are not expected to read out word-by-word every sentence in a paragraph- the audience is supposed to read the text on the screen and understand it.

  1. However they won’t be able to process your content if the letter size is too small or if the font is illegible.
  2. Unreadable fonts can annoy or distract your audience, which will make it harder for them to retain information
  3. Small sized fonts can strain the audience’s eyes causing frustration and distractions.
  4. If the text is indecipherable the audience may choose to not read it at all. This could upset the audience as your presentation would seem like a waste of time.