Why silence is an unexpectedly useful tool in presentations

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Silence doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable or awkward. Use it to your advantage to create a strong impression.

  • Overloading the audience with information and speaking fast may quicken the time spent on the presentation but it could affect the way information is retained by the audience.
  • Silences between slots of information allow your audience to reflect what you are saying
  • Many speakers feel the need to deliver information without taking a pause lest they lose their train of thought or interrupt their flow of speech but fail to recognise that pauses actually have a lot of value when used correctly.
  • Short pauses can be used effectively to give us a moment to collect our thoughts instead of rambling on information or saying something we regret.
  • Rambling without pauses of silence can cause the audience to tune you out.
  • Silences should be incorporated between separate points. This allows the information to sink in and be perceived thoroughly by the audience
  • It certifies that the audience will not be overwhelmed by the surplus of ideas.
  • Silences invite the audience to participate and engage with the speaker to contribute to the objective or further learn about it.