Tips to Nail your Next Presentation

Reading Time: 3 minutes

PowerPoint presentations can help you convey your message to your audience in the right way. However, while making a presentation you need to ensure that your presentation and information on the slides is to the point and concise. Hence, to help you nail your next presentation, here are some tips you should follow.

1. Creating a text outline
Before putting information on your slides, you should create a text outline. This text outline will help you gather all your information and place in your slides correctly. The flow of your content should be smooth. A narrative can be create around each slide and you should ensure that your slides connect to each other.

2. Right Colour Scheme
It is important to ensure that not just the text and font colour but also the background colour of your slides is right. Too bright colours for your background should be avoided as it would get difficult to read the text from the distance. Your text should also be not of faint colours as it would difficult for the audience to comprehend your message.

3. Get the opening right
If your opening is great, it will keep your audience engaged. If your audience looses interest in the start, you will not be able to create an efficient presentation. A trick to engage your audience in the start is to develop their interest. Start with a story or an interesting video, rather than text and see how engaged your audience will be.

4. End on a high note
Using a quote or reiterating your final point are good ways to end your presentation. You should end your presentation in such a way that it has a lasting impact on your audience and it stays with them. You can also end by referring back to the start, as a narrative, or challenge your audience.

5. Correct Title
It is important to choose your title that related to your message in the presentation. Make use of the title slide in the PowerPoint design slides option as that would clearly tell your audience the title of your presentation. You should also keep the title short and concise as sometimes long titles are not welcomed.

6. Correct Font

Instead of picking fancy fonts, it is easier to pick a simple font that can be read from a distance. The right font size, colour and the spacing between two points on your slide matter as it will enable your p0rexentation to be comprehended easily by your audience.

7. Different forms of Multimedia
The more Multimedia you use, the more easier it will be for you to make your PowerPoint Presentation more interesting. Instead of always sticking to text, it is a good idea to use multimedia like images , videos or info graphics.

8. Do not forget to review the presentation
After your presentation is finished an made, do not forget to review your presentation. You should check things like slideshow settings, the multimedia files attached as to see if they are playable or visible, spelling and grammatical errors and make sure the font and the background on all your slides are the same.

9. Practice the Presentation
Lastly, before you give the presentation to your clients, it is better to practice it once. You can practice it at home or at your office. This will help you gain perspective and also help you avoid any kind of mistakes you would make while delivering the presentation. It will also boost your confidence.

So, the next time you make a presentation, be sure to nail it with the help of this 9 point guide. This will help you make a good impression of yourself in front of your client as well as colleagues.