Tips to make a GREAT INTRODUCTION and a MEMORABLE ENDING for your presentation

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Introductions have an important function but are often overlooked as boring speeches before the actual interesting information.

Introductions are meant to create interest and zeal within the audience and have them build anticipation for the presentation to start

Write your introduction beforehand so you do not fumble and figure out what type of tone will be best suited for your audience

Inform them for your presentations purpose. This gives them an opportunity to see why you are presenting and what you want to accomplish by the end

Briefly explain why your topic has arisen and why it is imperative to talk about it in that particular moment. Inform them of the objectives relevance and effects in short.

Explain in a few words what the presentation will be covering and how the time will be spent effectively so that your audience is not left wondering what is to follow.

Your Ending is equally as important as your introduction as it is then your audience is attentive right before they prepare to leave. To ensure your ending is successful you could follow these points

Summarise all the important points in your presentation

Repeat your main message and objective of your presentation

Introduce your plan for what will happen following the presentation and who will be responsible for each step that will be taken. Discuss how much time it will take and when the final results will be revealed

If the audience nods in agreement, ask again to receive verbal confirmation i.e. ‘yes we agree.’ If the audience is hesitant or disagreeing then discuss which steps need to be taken to gain their support

Summarise the various agreements and arrangements made during the presentation. By repeating the pacts made, the individuals involved feel included and aboard the plan.

You can also get a confirmation for future meetings or presentations which forms a relationship between you and the audience member.