Thinking out of the box

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Wednesday always makes us want to … break the pattern, disrupt the routine, and yes: think out of the box.

This phrase, which is so intrinsic to design thinking and any form of strategic/creative strategizing, made us want to investigate its origins.

Where did it come from? How old (or new) is the coinage? And so, today’s post is just that, a retracing of root and meaning.

As you will see, originally there was no box at all! Just dots… the box was the shape your mind drew around them from an ingrained habit of wanting to create limits where there were none.

And, because, as creative innovators know, the first step is to admit that there IS no box, here’s a fab piece from Forbes that messes with preconceived notions in just the way we like it.

Happy reading and realigning!