The Best Way to Use Stories in Presentations

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It is said that stories engage seven parts of the brain whereas facts and figures engage only two. However, these days for presentations, most people rely on facts and figures and do not involve stories. Maybe because facts and figures are to build more credibility. But if you want to elevate your presentation, it’s vital that you learn how to tell a story like a professional.

Here are three reasons why you should embrace the art of story telling the next time you give a presentation.

1. Stories engage more of the brain and lead to greater retention
With stories activating 7 regions of the brain, it is clear that your audience will be more engaged while listening to your story. With larger engagement, comes greater retention of memory. By using stories to bring your facts and figures to life, an environment of great retention is created. In order to leverage this increase in retention most effectively, be sure to work your facts and figures into the stories that you share to your clients during a presentation.

2. Stories trigger emotions which drive consumer decisions
Stories are a far more effective method for eliciting an emotional response from an audience than facts and figures. Stories trigger emotions, which are a necessary ingredient to almost every decision a consumer makes. By sharing stories during presentations, you are able to affix a positive emotion to your content, which will keep your audience engaged and ready to purchase the product you are trying to sell through the presentation.

3. Stories inspire people to act
Stories are a way in which you can bring your information to life and move your audience from a dull and informative state to an inspired state. The response to this state is a simple reaction of the inspirational story. This power exists in your next presentation. Find an impactful story that brings your content from the slides to life.

Telling great stories is more difficult than simply sharing facts and figures. This extra effort is always worth it as it will help move your audience. That is, only through the power of stories that those facts and figures have real impact.

So, for your next presentation, which story are you going to use?