Simple Ways to Make Mobile Friendly Presentations

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today’s generation is the internet generation. We live in a mobile- based culture where everyone from drivers to vegetable vendors now a days have mobiles. Various audience, for the sake of convenience prefer to have their presentations on their mobile devices. Having presentations on mobile devices also makes it convenient for your audience as they can view it wherever and whenever they would like.
Often, due to the small screen of your mobile devices, the formatting of your presentation slides change. As a presenter, you would always think on how to create an excellent presentation. However, by doing this you may not think about how it would look on mobile devices, for your audience on the go.

We’ve put together 5 tips to optimize your slides and presentations for your small screens.

1. Increasing the Font Size
While smaller fonts are visible on a large display, they may only get smaller when it is viewed on a small mobile display. By selecting a larger font size, you can ensure that your audience can read it on the presentation slides on the big screen as well as on their mobile devices, while they are on the go.

2. Exporting your presentation as a PDF
Viewing a presentation on the Microsoft PowerPoint Application on a mobile device, whether Android or iOS can be difficult to navigate through. By exporting your presentation as a PDF, your audience can easily open the file and follow along on their mobile devices.

3. Using Easy Charts
Charts help enhance a presentation although often get quite complicate due to a lot of data and figures, which might be a hindrance on the small screens of your cellular devices. To make your presentation with charts mobile friendly, be sure to keep your charts easy to read. Too much information may not always make your points clearer and easier to digest.

4. Using Visuals
On a mobile device, text can often be difficult to read. Wherever possible, you should use visuals rather than text. Along with giving your audience the power to understand more quickly, you also create a larger retention rate across your audience.

5. Design
Design of your presentation is a key feature that determines the first look of your presentation. Each mobile device has a different screen resolution. The resolution for a larger screen device is different to that of a smaller screen device. When designing in a way that is optimized for a mobile device, you should select the highest resolution that you can. This allows your presentation to appear great on any kind of display.

Optimization of your presentation in this digital age is a vital, especially on your mobile devices. Implementing these 5 tips will help enhance your presentation on the big and small screens, giving it an edge. You audience will also be able to take your presentation with them wherever they go, analyzing the message even faster than you thought.