How to pivot your presentation

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

For some the middle of the week feels like a bump, a slump…

For us, Wednesday is the pivotal day!

The turning point to the week, with the satisfaction of well-begun is half-done, and the motivation of “let’s max the moment” (so that there’s no chance of a wasted weekend!)

And so, today we present some excellent instructional material on – yes, you guessed it – PIVOTS in presentations, from a technical point of view…

To undesrtand what a PivotTable is and how it can help you to collate and comprehend data, we’d like to direct you to this online tutorial on Creating a PivotTable.

And to see how to embed interactive PivotTables into your PowerPoint Presentation here’s another little video – which we hope will set you off on the right track to making impact without being thrown off-balance!