How to ensure your PowerPoint is valid and worthwhile

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The reason for putting together a PowerPoint presentation is to influence and make your audience believe in an idea that you have confidence in.

Most people dislike sitting through PowerPoint presentations and may feel it’s a waste of time so you must give them an explanation as to why they need to listen to you. Your audience must feel validated and think that without them, their opinions or presence, your project will not be able to advance.
Here are some points to keep in mind while creating your PowerPoint-

Define your objective-
Start with creating your objective. Write one sentence describing what you hope to convey to your audience and what they will take away from your presentation. It will remind you of what info really needs to be expressed and stop you from deviating from your main point.

Be realistic-
Your objective should not be far-fetched as not only will your audience not take you seriously but it’ll be a waste of everyone’s time.

Be specific-
Stick with one goal through your presentation as adding too many ideas or objectives can prove to be confusing and irksome if not properly explained.

Will it result in change?-
What will your audience do after? Your presentation should include a ‘next step or a phase 2’ which requires action to be taken by the audience. Your presentation should not only be a statement. If it is- chances are you don’t really need to give a presentation.