How hyperlinks help

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Have you noticed that the traditional way of presenting is invariably linear?

On this blog, we’ve thought about organizing principles that play with chronological sequence and beyond.

One often overlooked aspect of PPT presentations is the way in which hyperlinks can push a deck beyond conventional narrative expectations.

By embedding these tantalizing invitations to elsewhere into your slides, you create a more dynamic interface.

Not only can you jump away from one slide to another during your live pitch – thereby responding to the moment – you can enable prospective clients or potential investors to do the same.

This becomes especially useful in those cases where you circulate the PPT post your live presentation.

The recipients of your presentation can use the hyperlinks to cut to the chase, to move directly to those sections that interest them*

In short, hyperlinks create a navigation system that puts the recipient of your presentation in the driver’s seat, without in any sense relinquishing control of what you’d like to direct them towards!

*See – you’re clearly the kind of reader who wants to get down to the “how to create hyperlinks” bit right away!