Handouts during Presentations

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

A handout can be defined as a piece of printed information that is provided, free of charge, especially to accompany a lecture or advertise something. Handouts are often considered a vital part in the corporate setting to tell more about your work to your client.

Here are 2 reasons why you should use handouts during your presentations:

1. They reinforce your points and act as a reminder
Handouts are useful as they help recall the information that you have presented. Your audience can take away the necessary vital information from your presentation with them, review it and even refer to it back later.

2. They allow for more detail and elaboration
As one sometimes struggles to fit too much information into presentation slides, you should be focused only on the main head points. Although, if you wish to provide more elaborate details and give your audience the full picture without over burdening them with information, you can always use a handout.
Handouts allow for the detailed breakdown of points from your presentation.

However, not all audiences accept handouts, although they help your audience be engaged to what you have to say. You should generally use handouts during information heavy presentations. Like said earlier, this will enable you to focus only on the details or the main points while your audience can refer to the elaborate supplementary details from the handout.