going live is going strong

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Who would have imagined that going live on a social media platform could be such a powerful new tool for business presentations and brand communication!

While webinars come across as the more “formal and business-like” option for corporate communication and educational meetings, livestreaming on social media can sometimes be seen as “too informal to be used for professional purposes”.

The savviest brand builders would say: this is so not true.

It all depends on:

a) how well you craft your communication

b) how thoroughly you prepare BEFORE you go live

c) how formally and professionally you present

Three points which apply to any impactful, memorable, persuasive presentation.

For those embarking on this exciting new journey for the first time, there are resources online that you can access to get step-by-step guidance on how to go about it.

The thought we’d like to emphasize is this – when going live, don’t leave anything to chance!

Don’t imagine you can make it up on the spot. On the contrary, be sure to have a very clear idea of:

a) your objective

b) your material

c) your conclusion

In a room full of people, even if you are a bit uncertain (not advisable: see one of our earlier posts on this ) the ambience and surroundings have the beneficial effect of minimising the effect.

On livestreaming, especially on a small screen, the smallest mistakes can get magnified. And while no one minds a technical glitch or a human error, the feeling your audience gets should be one of confidence, competence and commitment.

They should leave your livestreamed presentation with a sense of:

a) having learnt something interesting and useful

b) having been given the full value of your expertise and knowledge

c) wanting to know more

If your presentation is anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (including interaction) – they should feel that their time with you was well spent!

What could be potentially scary about “Going Live!” is only the digital equivalent of the “butterflies-in-stomach” feeling we get just before entering a hall full of people.


And it’s the human touch that livestreaming brings to any communication.

That invaluable feeling of being connected, of putting a face to an idea, of being part of something that is unfolding in real time.

For you, the presenter, it a great opportunity to answer questions, take comments, and create a dialogue that simulates the real thing in a very easy and accessible way.

And best of all, you can save a recording – either for sharing on your website for a larger audience, or for in-house reference.

These recordings can become a way of learning from mistakes, as well as great training tools for newbies, especially when a live capsule turns out – on repeat viewing – to be excellent.

So go for it. Going live is going strong!