Few of the Many Reasons to Outsource Your Presentation Design!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Powerpoint presentations – the new language of ideas. Moving on from an age where ideas were communicated in small groups to people who knew the same language, had the same background and thought the same things, we are now in an age where ideas are communicated to people at a more rapid and translated form. Everyone is consuming and producing information at a rate that is compounding every year. In this age, an idea in a business suit – a powerpoint presentation – gained prominence.

Today, there are scores of employees that spend their day trying to present the information in the best possible way, fumbling with the tools and visual languages.

The problem here, is that business people are made to make presentations that look & feel good, when that is not their specialisation. Thus, the best course of action in this respect is to outsource their drudging PPT work, and focus on their business strategising.

Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing your presentation design work to an agency.


The most obvious benefit of outsourcing to a specialist is that it means that business people have more time to focus on their area of expertise, which makes the company function better. Most PPT outsourcing companies send across the final draft of the presentation within 24/48 hours, thus that quick turnover time makes preparing for meetings that much easier. Additionally, the same amount of time that a novice would take is almost double of the time that someone experienced in softwares would take, i.e. a specialist. Thus, outsourcing leads to a net time gain.


Using a specialist ensures a coherent design and brand language for each collateral you produce. Once the design language remains consistent over series of presentations, it gives them personality and also makes them easily recognisable as belonging to a certain family. These visual design tactics are especially helpful when investors are seeing multiple pitches every day. Having a strong brand in everything you do helps recognisability and retention for everyone who sees it.


When professional presentation designers make PPTs, they use not only elements to better the aesthetic, but also enhance the message through visual elements such as icons, graphs or charts. This turns raw, drab data or presentaitons into vehicles of tangible impact. People react uncontrollably to visual elements that they see. If you outsource presentation design to someone who does it for a living and who is naturally skilled at telling stories through images, you are able to add another dimension to you presentation. Whether your presentation is to be used for a sales meeting, a management meeting, or internal documentation, good design and relevant visual elements add to the impact of your message. It will make your message stick.


Often, the presentations we give are to people who are not as well versed with the lingo, data points and their implications as we are. For example, investors who are adept at the financial side of a company are unlikely to know the exact engineering that goes into creating a product, therefore key points may be lost in translation. Having a non-subject matter expert make the slides gives you another set of eyes on your presentations, which will show you how people will tend to make sense of the data in your slides.

For these reasons and more, companies today are ditching the hours spent before the Slide deck in favour of outsourcing their presentation design to agencies.