Entrances and Exits

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And no – we’re not talking about a stage career here – simply about how to add a dramatic touch to your next PowerPoint Presentation – with a little hands-on animation.

Here are two of our top reasons why animation makes sense:

i) When you’re presenting, marking the transitions between one slide and the next helps punctuate and prevent the spiel from becoming (or seeming) like a relentless barrage of bullet-points.

ii) If you enable animation for the bullet-points, each dropping into the screen one at a time, for example, you can be sure that each will register and impact individually.

Says SlideXpress

In short, selective animation effects ensure that your key takeaways get the kind of attention they deserve.

To learn how to animate specific elements in your presentation, check out this beginner’s guide

It’s basic, but it helps set you up and preps you for more dynamic and daring excursions into animation (as a creative mode all to itself – of which more later.)