Document Checks

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

And no – we’re not talking about passport control!

We’re talking about ensuring that you do a thorough check of your PowerPoint presentation prior to sharing with colleagues and clients.

First: fact-check

In data-heavy presentations, it always pays to double-check all the facts and figures, and make sure that sources are cited whenever you are quoting statistics, new findings and so on.

Second: typo-check

This may seem secondary – especially in comparison to the above! – but there’s nothing more wince-worthy than typo errors – especially of mis-typings e.g. “quiet” for “quite” and vice-versa.

Word files and Google docs indicate spelling and grammatical errors through red and blue underlining, so it’s always advisable – especially for copy-heavy presentations – to create the material in document format before transporting to PPT.

Third: hidden data/personal info-check

Did you know that the e-copy of your PPT could contain hidden data, personal or confidential information?

These are best removed – especially before sharing externally – and can be done seamlessly with the help of the Document Inspector that Office provides…

Here’s a little video that demonstrates how to do it!

With these 3 checks done, you can be 100% sure that your presentation is truly good to go!