Best Design Blogs to Follow to Refine your Aesthetic sense

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As a designer or a design enthusiast, one of the most important aspects of the process of creation is to reference and to be inspired. For this inspiration, it is always a struggle to find a ever-flowing stream of content. Therefore, we bring to you a list of some of the reliable sources of inspiration to keep those juices pumping – based on the medium of design you are looking for. Presenting the design blog hall of fame.

* Drumroll *

FIRST, we have for mainly product design. This website is particularly important because it provides contemporary design news and ideas along with inspiration. It has topics, of which Redesign involves recent news regarding change in branding or applications.

NEXT UP, for typography, we have that has, in their words, “inspirational typography, beautiful lettering, reviews, interviews with leading designers.”. It also has design news about revolutionary development in type, like the development of Noto, etc.

THEN, for simple inspiration, no nonsense, we recommend Simply designed and visual website that focuses on print and magazine covers and illustrations mostly. Eclectic colours with dark elements is its USP.

When it comes to Logos, we have . It delves into the thought and variations of contemporary and traditional logos. They also have a book and style guides from various sources that have proven to be successful in the past.

Web design brings us – with websites filtered based on style as well as purpose. Here is where you find the most artistic, clean, chic and effective websites, curated by this website beautifully into a simple website themselves.

For print design, we look at . This website has an archive of print inspiration. It posts daily and is a collection of print artists from Behance, also providing a great base for artist recognition. is a blog focused on packaging design that focuses on specific brands and how they further their image through recognisable and innovative packaging design. Of note on this website is the division based on categories as well as month and year.

Moving to a rather speciality, we have , to pay tribute to the ultimate land of functional human-centric design.

As you can see, there are multitudes of blogs available on the internet to keep a steady stream of inspiration flowing in, if you just know how to find it!