Because the pros know all the cons

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You’ll forgive us the word-play, once you read on!

In our last post we mentioned three scenarios where expressive doesn’t necessarily equate to effective … unless the verbal-visual spiel is perfectly balanced.

And while there are as many strategies to presenting as there are client briefs and brand requirements, across the board (and across board-rooms!) – there are three golden rules:

i) know what you show

ii) tell it like you mean it

iii) ensure your audience actually sees and hears what you show and tell

says SlideXpress

All of the above are accomplished most efficiently by pros. So – let’s assume you’ve had your presentation designed and finessed by a professional in the business of taking raw data and transforming it into a finished product.

But – and here’s the catch – you will still have to present it! I.e. you will have to walk your audience through that pitch-perfect PPT that you were wise enough to get expert help on.

So why not cover that angle by getting more expert help?

Here’s a wonderfully on-point piece on how to present data like a pro – chosen because data is really one of the most crucial components of business presentations, and one of the most difficult to compress effectively and communicate expressively.

We hope you love the article as much as we did. And to whet your appetite and your curiosity, we’ll leave you with one of our most favourite quotes from it:

Many presenters look at their slides while they share data as if the PowerPoint is their audience. But only your audience is your audience

Joel Schwartzberg, harvard business review