8 ways to make your presentation easier to understand

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Thoroughly research your point
If you understand your material well then it will be easier to explain it to others. This way, answering doubts or queries will be much easier.

Use humour
Include relatable stories and jokes to explain points. It is often more effective in creating a memorable impression, plus it makes it easier for your audience easier to retain information.

Keep it simple
Don’t overdo the graphics, visuals, or animations as they can distract your audience from the main point.

Speak slowly
Maintain a moderate uniform pace of speaking. If you speak too fast and rush through your presentation, your audience will struggle to keep up and not understand your objective.

Keep it short
A lengthy presentation can bore your audience and cause them to tune you out. This will make it harder to comprehend your content

Include more visual images and less text
Incorporate pictures and visuals that support or explain your content. The audience will gain a better understanding of the point if they see how it works.

Do not exceed 6 points per slide
Try to maintain this as adding more points can clutter your slide. Fewer points on the screen allows your audience to better retain the information.

Use precise words to improve clarity
Don’t use confusing terms or unnecessary long sentences to explain your content. Get to the point; you may confuse your audience by adding more information than necessary.