5 ways to create pretty aesthetic and soft PowerPoint presentations

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Formal presentations have become monotonous. Make a PowerPoints with a unique and different style to grab your audience’s attention. Make a PowerPoint that shows you value how your slides are presented.

  1. Pick a soft pastel colour theme and stick with it throughout. For example use shades of lavender, powder blue, millennial pink, light purples or silver tones as accents and colour themes.


  1. Stick to minimal text designs and don’t change the style of your text more than 3 times. Here are some fonts to help you get started – https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/best-creative-free-download-fonts-designers/
  1. Choose your photos carefully. Add image filters to create a theme and to add aesthetic value and a sense of uniformity and continuity. It also subtly shows how much effort you put into your PowerPoint.


  1. Handwritten texts or ones that mimic handwriting are popular as it brings personality to presentations. Choose fonts that have brush strokes or free flowing script fonts.


  1. Add illustrations or small designs that fit your theme. Some geometric shapes add elegance and add a minimalistic feel. Watercolour designs are also a popular choice.