5 reasons why illustrations are trending and how they bring personality to your presentation

Reading Time: < 1 minutes
Illustrations are growing and are becoming increasingly popular in the world of design for a number of reasons. Here is why you need to incorporate illustrations into your presentation –
  1. Illustrations depict distinct ideas. When clearly drawn, they can convey thoughts that cannot be put into words. Or rather convey thoughts in a more contemporary stimulating fashion.
  2. Custom art and drawings bring a sense of originality and personality to the presentation. Hence it creates a more memorable impression on the audience.
  3. Unique artworks help capture the audience and generate interest among them and prevent boredom. Captivating and colourful slides attract the audiences focus.
  4. They are a fun, practical way of presenting/ explaining content which is otherwise dry information
  5. Illustrations can resolve some representational challenges posed by photography. Photographs can often distract the audience by not catering to their views. Illustrations can make your point using figures that keep these problems at bay.