5 Alternatives to PowerPoint

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A Presentation software is an important piece of presenter’s arsenal. Having the right software allows you to create an easy presentation to understand for you and your audience. Just because PowerPoint has always been used, it doesn’t mean it is very effective. Here are some other alternatives that you could use other than PowerPoint.

1. Google Slides
Slides is the most user friendly alternative to PowerPoint. It is platform for beginners that also has tutorials to help you throughout the application. It has editable templates as well for your convenience. However, it has very limited interactivity of the many templates and type fonts are set and cannot be changed. Slides allows you to share the presentation easily via link or attachment.

2. Visme
In addition to presentation slides, Visme gives you an opportunity to create beautiful infographics, data visualizations and product demonstrations. Their simple drag and drop process makes it very convenient for you, being the user. Plus, there are also millions of free stock images that you could use. However, most of these templates unlock with a paid subscription.

3. Prezi

Prezi helps make your slides completely animated. Rather than a series of linear slides, Prezi allows you to showcase your content through dynamic , non linear slideshows. It also has creative and engaging design options, giving your presentation an edge. However, with a non linear pattern, presentations on Prezi might get distracting.

4. Slidebean
Slidebean is your platform for presentations if you like to keep things simple. This presentation software will help you create beautiful simple looking presentations complete with formatting and transitions in no time. It is less graphic intensive than PowerPoint and allows the slides to be easily viewed and shared. It can also be displayed on any browser or any device.

5. Swipe
Swipe is another software that prioritizes ease and simplicity over complicated formatting techniques. It also has a drag and drop approach which makes it easier to use. What is really special in this software is that you can add polls during the presentation which your audience members can use in real time. This will also help your presentation be more interactive and engaging.