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Our Business Model

We have set this up exactly like VGI where we are currently working with over 200+ McK Alumni across the
globe . You send us your decks in the evening and we turn it around by morning. You can send us raw /
unformatted ppts, sketches, scans, etc – we are format agnostic on the input data.

Types Of Service
Category I
These are the basis / standard McK type slides
we used to make day in day out.
Category II
These are more high-end / creative designed slides, we
follow the same principles as McK slide design but these
slides are more visual, make use of infographics and has more
of a marketing collateral kind of a look to it.
Turnaround Time
Typical turnaround time is 12 hours, however if the volumes are large then we may require 24-48 hours
specially for category II slides
So What Makes Us Different?
Our USP is that we are combining the best practices in powerpoint communication from McKinsey as well newer
approaches in material design principles from firms such as Google / Apple and ways and means of making
communication effective into today’s day and age (ie not put our audiences to sleep!)
We have kept the pricing low
and simple at $15 / slide for the
basic formatting.
The cost for category II slides
typically ranges from $30 / slide
based on requirements & volumes.
We even offer subscription models for
both categories. in the event that you
have larger volumes and ongoing work
starting with a 50 slide package /
month and then in increments of 25
slides with a roll over clause.


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Lower Parel West
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+91 22 4004 8865 / 8864 / 8832
WhatsApp: +91 9769321161


69 Fifth Avenue, Suite 9J
New York, NY 10003
+1 212 463 0043